Multichannel installation - Salzburger Festspiele 2019

James Joyce suffered from astraphobia. This anguished fear of thunderstorms is said to have been caused by a governess who convinced him that they were signs of God’s wrath. Throughout his life, he tried to plan his travels only through thunderstorm-free zones. He ascribed the frequency of thunderstorms to radio waves.

In 1928 the author, whose revolutionary work Ulysses had appeared in 1922 but at the time was met with scandal and censorship, spent five weeks in Salzburg (from July 23rd to August 28th). Here he fell prey to one of his frequent and violent eye infections, “due to the devastating effect of the climate”. While he waited for an improvement in his condition in a dark hotel room, his work on Finnegan’s Wake stalled. On August 4th, lightning caused a one-hour blackout throughout the city.

Thunder and lightning occur frequently in Joyce’s works, often in conjunction with death and the colour black. In Finnegan’s Wake, there are ten instances of thunder. These thunderclaps consist of word combinations of 100, and in one case 101, characters.

Do 8. August - Mi 28. August 2019

MO—FR 14:00—22:00 Uhr
SA—SO 10:00—22:00 Uhr

Barockmuseum im Mirabellgarten, Salzburg


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Konzept: Ruth Beckermann
Komposition: Anja Plaschg
Stimmen: H.K. Gruber, Anja Plaschg
Bildgestaltung: Klaus Pamminger
Tongestaltung: Georg Misch
Bildaufnahmen: Jörg Burger, Klaus Pamminger, Margot Scherl
Tonaufnahmen: Georg Misch
Tonmischung: Alexander Koller
Projektion: Lichttapete: Neel Bellerby, Tim Schmelzer
Produktionsleitung: Rebecca Hirneise
Schriftgestaltung: Walli Jungwirth

Weitere Mitwirkende:
SprecherInnen: Danny Cullen, Naomi Cullen, Andy Dune, Donal Donnelly, Lisa Fallon, Des Gunning, Ann Honan, Kate Lyne, Peter O’Shea
Kuckucksuhr: Otto Lechner
Neonschrift: Miroslav Dimitrov
Technische Mitarbeit: Walter Studener, Marc Wollner
Fachliche Beratung: Zürcher James Joyce Stiftung: Fritz Senn, Ursula Zeller
Produktionsassistenz: Florian Kecht
Fotos Installation: Monika Rittershaus

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Philipp Diettrich
Una Ni Dhonghaile
Familie Donnelly
Tina Handl
Klemens Hufnagl
Shirin Hooshmandi
Alois Kinast
Reinhard Mayr
Andreas Müller
Dieter Pichler
Meinhard Rauchensteiner
Barbara Reumüller
Rayna Teneva
Andreas Weigel

© Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion

© Monika Rittershaus

© Monika Rittershaus

© Monika Rittershaus


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